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Oct 13, 2021

The underlying theme of the current economic circumstance is that transitory inflation is not so transitory, and I sit down with Jim Welsh to chat about this ongoing phenomenon. It seems that inflation is either going to reach a higher level or plateau, and deflation is most likely going to be the even bigger risk at play. Listen in to hear more from myself and Welsh about what’s happening in the economy and what to expect during this tumultuous time.

-Transitory inflation seems to be yesterday’s meme or theme
-Now purported tapering and employment numbers have to fit within this
-It’s no coincidence that treasury yields are starting to head North
-People wanted to believe that inflation would be transitory
-Inflation is going to reach a higher level or plateau
-Deflation is probably the bigger risk—population growth and lack of productivity growth determine GDP
-We’re going to see a pop in the metals, and gold stocks will probably move higher in the next 3-5 weeks
-The economy at large is slowing
-People can’t spend their money because there is not enough supply to fulfill this

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