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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 18, 2021

What is infinite banking, and how can we use it to build wealth? Today, Jim Oliver comes on the podcast with me to discuss how you can utilize a money pool to buy cash flowing assets—this gives your money the potential to grow tax-free and to be accessible tax-free. This approach to infinite banking emphasizes financial freedom; if you are in control of the money, it’s likely that you’re also the one making it. Tune in to learn about some of the opportunities you could have through infinite banking, and get direct insight from Jim, the founder of CreateTailwind.

-How can you effectively be your own bank and finance your own cash-flowing projects?
-We are using a money pool to buy cash flowing assets
-Infinite banking has a lot to do with paying off debts, but in this case we are emphasizing financial freedom
-Some people start with as little as $20k a year, and some start with millions
-What are the administrative costs? There really aren’t any because they use a special insurance contract that is designed for high cash value
-The money can grow tax-free and is accessible tax-free
-The money can be put to work very quickly
-Creating velocity of money by using it over and over again
-You are in control, and whoever is in control of the money makes the money

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