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Jul 8, 2022

Markets are in turmoil, commodities are crashing, and instability seems to be the overarching theme. Here to talk more in depth about this is Octavior Marenzi, CEO/co-founder of Opimas. The fundamental issues and problems have not changed, as central banks pump huge amounts of money into the markets. Once these inflationary waves start, they’re extremely difficult to suppress. Is there hope for the future? Tune in to find out.

-Wars are continuing—perhaps with more on the way
-It’s a hazardous minefield you have to navigate through to protect your wealth
-It’s better to lose to inflation than to lose in the markets or in bonds
-Is this decline/bear market different than the previous ones?
-The deciding factor in this market is what the Fed does—and Jay Powell seems to be playing a poker game
-The fundamental issues and problems have not changed—central banks pump a huge amount of money into the markets
-There may be expectation that they will drain liquidity out of the markets in the future
-When inflationary waves start, they’re hard to suppress and become intractable
-People want to trade their cash for items that they believe will be more valuable
-There isn’t a clear strategy to pursue right now
-Bitcoin is looking weak, and the housing market looks shaky as well

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