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Apr 18, 2012 presents

James Jaeger is a noted filmaker and documentarian. We interviewed him several months back about his latest work Spoiler, which examined whether Dr. Ron Paul could wind up being elected president. Many people have questioned Dr. Paul's viability as a bona fide candidate, and the main stream media has all but written him off. However, Ron Paul has plugged on and has been experiencing a larger and larger following. Perhaps the ultimate question is whether the perception of economic well-being, which is totally unfounded in reality, will evaporate before the parties' candidates are chosen. From the looks of things, that's a very real possibility. If the collapse re-emerges then Dr. Paul's odds go way up. But if the elitists are able to stave off the collapse until after the summer, then he will be eliminated from consideration, unless he starts a third-party candidacy. To date, Dr. Ron Paul hasn't indicated if he's willing to do this, but he hasn't rejected it either. As of now, nothing is settled, and all eyes are upon the economy and Dr. Paul.

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