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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 29, 2019

While recent Committee Bay's drill results have been extremely encouraging, the major action is taking place at the Auryn's Sombrero project in Peru. Already a huge 1200 square kilometers, they've staked out another 8500 hectares of additional land. Best of all, permitting is moving ahead unimpeded. Ivan believes issuance will be done shortly.

And then there’s Curibaya. It’s on a confluence of two major belts. 22 samples have been taken of multi-kilo per ton silver. Could there be a world-class silver project lurking thereunder? Results will be coming out shortly. Interestingly, since it's located in a low population density area, permits are much easier to come by.

Peru is a great mining jurisdiction because it knows that it needs mining and the government wants to further raise its production profile. All the majors miners are in Peru for the long haul. And it’s the place to go for major potential Tier 1 projects.