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May 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you can run your own water system out of your home? Riggs Eckleberry comes on the show to talk about the plausibility of this, and how companies like OriginClear offer a decentralized approach to utilities such as water. It is clean, cost effective, and safe, and you can learn more about this water filtration and sewage option by tuning in to this episode.

-There is a water problem in the country (and in throughout the world) and proper steps have not been taken to maintain water quality
-Piping water to septic tanks costs a lot of money
-Riggs’ is innovating the water system so that homeowners can have their own treatment system, decentralizing utilities
-More communities are build built in secondary cities, which may not have sewage facilities/access. This places are extremely ideal for Riggs’ self-operated system
-The systems range from $2k-$8k

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