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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 19, 2011

Ward Amirault is a loyal listener who saw the golden light over three years ago. His wife was retiring and had some significant retirement assets that needed to be properly invested. At the same time, the global financial collapse was well underway. Because Ward was able to separate himself from the failing paradigm, he invested in precious metals and is quite happy with the results. However, he is concerned that the time will come where he must sell off a portion of his metal holdings to support him and his wife in their retirement.

Many people will be confronted with similar circumstances. They purchased gold and silver at the right time and have held on to it through many rallies and pull-backs. But at some point their current income will run out and then it will be time to start cashing in on the metals. However, this should always be a last resort. When we look back in history, we will probably see that the current slam down in the metals markets was a disguised buying opportunity that caused a precious few to panic. However, the majority are holding tight and know that eventually their market judgments will be vindicated.

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