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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 12, 2011

Michael Snyder joins us today to discuss the impending global economic collapse and what you and your family can do to survive it. The statistics are bleak, but you shouldn't allow yourself to become a statistic. We are obviously near a new inflection point in the ongoing collapse saga. Most people refuse to even entertain the possibility, that life as they know it is going to change dramatically in the months and years ahead. Easy credit and the ability to shift vast amounts of debt around the globe is rapidly coming to an end. Those who recognize the new reality and have prepared for it, will not only survive but thrive in the New Economy.

Michael has written a number of recent articles that clearly demonstrate the United States and the World are becoming poorer by the day. Illusions of prosperity aside, standards of living will decline and unemployment will increase to pandemic proportions. The need to adapt and invest in yourself has never been greater. The ability to create new income opportunities and to assist your friends and neighbors will make all the difference. 

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