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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 7, 2011

Jeb Handwerger of joins us for a wide ranging interview covering Rare Earth Metals, Uranium and the intractable US Budget Deficit. Jeb has been following mining stocks for many years and is an authority on Rare Earths, Uranium and other mining sectors. He explains why it's crunch time for the Western World to break China's monopoly on these metals which are vital to modern life as we know it. Rare Earths go into just about every electronic item that we require in our daily lives, from cellphones, to computers, to windmills and automobilies.

His view of Uranium is quite compelling. Are you aware that there is a treaty between the US and Russia to dismantle Soviet Era nukes that provides much of the nuclear fuel consumed in the United States? This treaty expires in 2013 and may lead to almost immediate shortages of Unranium around the world. The Chinese are seeking supplies from any place they can find them.

Finally, we conclude with Jeb's concern and ideas for limiting the Federal Budget Deficit. He believes that the problem can only be addressed by revitalizing America's core manufacturing and mining sectors.

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