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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 20, 2011

Jason Burack joins the Financial Survival Network to discuss the deflation versus inflation argument. The non-Austrian economists keep mistaking sinking asset values, such as falling home prices, as deflationary in nature. However, Jason feels that this is a misperception of an underlying trend. Falling prices in the face of an escalating money supply cannot be perceived as deflationary. While the price of commodities keeps going up, so will inflation. He is not willing to bet on the inevitability of hyper-inflation, but he is certain that inflation will continue upward.

Next we discuss uranium and rare earth metals. Jason states that nuclear power is an indispensible and growing part of future energy production. And the new technologies coming into use will make nukes virtually failsafe and able to produce large quantities power with low quality uranium ore. Unfortunately, the US has squandered its lead in this essential technology and the Chinese will be leading the way in the implementation of this technology. But there will be a pertpetual shortage of uranium from 2013 onward. 

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