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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 15, 2011

Chris and I finally find some time to sit down and talk. He's just released a new video entitled Technical Difficulties, which deals with the emerging paradigm shift we are all encountering now. This led to a discussion of what our educational system is all about and how it stifles individual creativity and is often just aimed at making people buy into the "Party Line," and forget that they were put on this earth for a purpose. We both agree that there is more to life than taking home a paycheck and watching the latest reality TV show. We are both answering what we hope is a higher calling, which we agree has led to much gratification and sense of purpose.

It was a little more than a year ago when I started my broadcast career. Chris had been doing his economic educational web based learning for a while, but it all seems to have come together in 2011 for both of us. Gratitude does not begin to explain the way we feel about the opportunity to connect with people from countries all around the globe. We are eternally thankful to those souls, who looking for answers, have graced us with their presence. And we both recommit to making 2012 even more productive and exciting to us and to you, our bosses for whom we gladly toil. 

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