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Oct 9, 2020

What’s happening with the stock market? The budget deal isn’t such a big deal. No one cares about anything. People have been conditioned to buy every dip. That’s why the cycles are so important and why they rule. It will continue until after the election. Huge meltdown after the election going into April. The algorhythms are not going to save us. Get ready to go long the VIX. 

Gold $2500 is still expected. In 2 weeks there’s a cycle low and then we’ll head up to $2500. The cycle has been up for 2 years and it will go higher if it gradually hits $2500. If silver closes above $25.50 for the December contract. 

Oil could go up another $3 and then it’s going down. Charles will research it and report back to us.

Natgas is headed down after going above $3. 

Deflation is going to happen. The European retirement system keeps buying bonds that yield nothing. Deflation is the norm. Most of the time gold goes up in a deflationary crisis. Eventually hyper-inflation will occur.

BTC cycle bottoming shortly. After some weakness it should go higher. It will break $12000.

USD is weak for the next 4-6 weeks. No dollar crash coming yet. 


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