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Oct 15, 2021

I sit down and chat with Mark Skousen about the Freedom Fest Conference as well as the economy and crypto to analyze the shifting market and what’s to come. The economy is picking up and we have been seeing an ongoing inflationary boom. The biggest anomaly, however, is that gold and silver haven’t moved. Could crypto and the digital currency revolution be a key player in the future of our economy? Tune in to find out more, and to hear about Freedom Fest and how you can get involved.

-Interest in Freedom Fest has increased significantly, especially since the pandemic has eased—they had a record crowd at the conference this year
-The economy is picking up
-There is an inflationary boom (labor shortages, supply chain problem, etc)
-Inflation is coming back with a vengeance
-Commodity prices are rising, shortages are developing, wages are going up, and people have more money in their pockets
-The biggest anomaly is that gold and silver haven’t moved
-The only thing that has changed is that crypto/Bitcoin have possibly replaced gold and silver
-Gold went up at the start of the pandemic, and now it’s retracing
-You can guess what is going to happen or when something is going to happen, but not both at once
-Can governments allow cryptos to remain unfettered? They’re probably here to stay
-You can’t eliminate deception and fraud in business, but you can minimize it
-There is regulation that’s coming with crypto because companies are coming out with ETFs and have to get approval

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