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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 10, 2012

Howard has seen it all. 

He's been publishing The Ruff Times for thirty-four years, in bull and bear markets in stocks and the precious metals. As he says, "I've been around a long time, unlike most of the hot financial advisors and brokers today who weren't even born when I was already accurately predicting the markets. These big shots were the Invincible Optimists at the peak of the last bull market on Wall Street in the spring of 2000, and I was yelling at them (they didn't listen) to get out of the stock market. I think I am one of a handful of real adults in the Wall Street kindergarten with a long-range view of the world of money and an encyclopedic view of gold and silver."

While his health hasn't been great recently, he's still producing and still giving accurate commentary on the US and world financial situation. His wisdom is battle tested and his advice has proven extremely profitable over the years. 

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