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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 19, 2022

Can we start celebrating the “end of inflation?” Furthermore, do you have a plan for the changes inflation has brought about, and how these are going to affect your retirement plans? Drew Pelton comes on the show to talk about these things, and it’s extremely crucial—now more than ever—to consider whether your money will last through your retirement or not. There are multiple investing strategies you can look into if you want to focus on planning ahead, and Drew shares some of these in this episode. Tune in for more.

-Is it too early to celebrate the “end of inflation?” Political figures are claiming that we have hit 0% inflation
-Prices are still going up, and the issue remains. We may be seeing a lull in inflation with commodity prices taking a dip, but it is still happening
-Recently, the confidence index fell as consumer view of the situation weakened
-Other reports have showed consumer confidence being higher; people get excited when they’re missing the big picture
-Another important factor to consider with inflation is how to make one’s money last through retirement
-Drew’s firm emphasizes investing for dividends
-Will the economy revert to low interest rates/easy money? If the Fed is going to be smarter than they have been before, they will be smarter relative to the upcoming election. They’ll probably make more reasonable decisions
-84% of Americans do not have a formal retirement plan, which reflects within people’s financial planning. Some people don’t get as organized as they need to for the best results

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