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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 15, 2012

Bob Chapman joined us today to address your never ending concerns about Greece and the financial tragi-comedy that seems to be stuck on hold. They're burning down banks now and they seem completely unprepared to accept the inevitable lower standard of living that's coming their way. Greece has always been a magnet for tourists and the return to the Drachna could make the country the discount travel capitol of the world. But there's much more that will need to happen before that takes place.

Bob also reviews Gold and Silver prospects, which due to the world turmoil have never looked better, or worse depending upon your perspective. Few if any countries have seen their deficits decrease in a meaningful way, so of course more debt will be issued to paper over the shortfall. And this must eventually result in more inflation and therefore higher gold and silver prices. I wouldn't bet against Bob or thousands of years of human history. It always works out this way.

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