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Sep 1, 2022

High natgas prices are directly related to what’s happening in Europe. With $10 natgas and the potential for even more surges in price, it’s helpful to get an insider perspective on what’s happening. Grant Norwood, Founder of Norwood Energy, is at the forefront of these energy problems and explains some of the variables that make this energy market different from anything we’ve ever seen before. Tune in for expert insight.

-The high price of natgas right now is directly related to what’s happening in Europe
-We’re seeingt $10 natgas and could potentially go a lot higher than that
-Grant’s company, Norwood Energy, is at the forefront of all of this
-Why is this different than any other energy market we’ve seen in this country before?
-There are many shortages in other countries, and we’re exporting a lot of natural gas. We had a warm summer with 2 devastating winters, and a lack of investment in drilling and exploration over the last couple of years
-The labor shortage for drilling oil and inflated cost to drill a well are also contributing to this problem
-We’re probably headed back to where we were in the middle of the second quarter
-Oil is a boom and bust business

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