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Nov 3, 2021

Rob Stevens comes on the podcast to help us get a better understanding of why mining stocks move the way that they do, and he gives us some context around the current situation. Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries, but people are holding back on riskier stocks due to the equity markets. Tune in to learn more about what’s to come, and to get information on resources that can help you comprehend the inner workings of this industry.

-When it comes to understanding the mining sector, you want an understanding of why these stocks move in a certain direction—especially when you don’t expect them to
-When you think you know what you’re doing here, that’s when you’re most vulnerable
-Market indifference towards drilling results
-Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries
-People are holding back on riskier stocks because the equity markets are a bit depressed
-There has been a lot of financing
-The vast majority of investors in the market are at the wrong side of the trade
-The metal price index is sitting at the same high point as it was in 2012
-We are going to see a lot more news flow and activity as we get into the new year
-There’s a lot of money on the sidelines waiting for a peak
-Electric vehicles increase interest in commodities like copper
-Copper hit its peak and pulled back, but it’s definitely in an up trend
-$4.50-$5 copper makes new discoveries really attractive—copper is something to keep your eye on
-$4 seems to be the new floor for copper
-Gold is treading water, but at good prices
-There are so many different influences on gold price
-Safety is always an issue for uranium
-You also need to understand the mining process to understand why the stocks do what they do

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