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Aug 11, 2021


Today, Martin and I talk government and crypto—in the face of the national debt, the US is depending on the cheapening of dollars to pay back debt that has grown exponentially in the last decade. Additionally, we face other probing questions in looking at Europe’s 2030 agenda. Ending democracy and implementing shared power between nations would have many interesting implications, and we dive into some of these. We discuss IMF and the push to create a universal digital currency, which would be above all laws and change cryptocurrency as we know it. Tune in to listen as we implore possibilities in crypto for the coming years, and the interplay between debt, governing strategy, and digital currency.


-DOW - a bull market everyone loves to hate, and Marty called it

-Over the years, Martin has dealt with a lot of government in the analytical field

-We can’t continue to borrow year after year without the intention of paying back

-National debt has more than doubled within a decade; government has the intention of paying back with cheaper dollars

-This is now coming to a head

-The problem is not the US, but Europe

-Europe went to negative interest rates in 2014 - 7 years later they are still unable to stimulate the economy

-Pension funds are insolvent

-Martin’s solution: stop this and re-design it, but for freedom

-8 points for 2030 agenda - ending democracy, US no longer a superpower, shared power between nations - one world government idea

-Heat map is dark red for Europe

-Many people untrained in the field are now suddenly climate activists and experts. Those who aren’t necessary qualified are making these big decisions

-Handing the power of the US to the UN is off the wall

-Schwabb says democracy has to go - keep in mind checks and balances on human rights

-European Commission that makes laws does not stand for election—neither does the head of the EU
-When we see Biden and $6 million proposals, it’s because we are looking to modern monetary theory—borrowing is not feasible anymore

-Government spending increasing by buying all the government bonds in Europe

-"we can just print more money and it won’t cause inflation”

-Assets, real-estate, art, etc. retains value and are going up drastically

-DOW going up dramatically and people still analyzing it with old-school methods

-Where is crypto headed?

-You have to be careful…there is a group above the UN (FAFT) that is concerned with money laundering and wants it to drop *know your client

-Ending the idea that somehow cryptocurrency is out of the government

-Pushing hard to create an IMF digital currency - all cryptocurrencies would be devolved into this new IMF coin. Why? This would replace the dollar as reserve currency

-Martin: opposed to IMF because it is not an elected body, and is outside the jurisdiction of countries—they are above all law internationally. Period.

-What’s going on with the gold flash crash? They lost their targeted gold

-They are tracking every ounce of gold—where it comes from/goes. They realize gold is an escape valve and have been trying to restrain it as much as possible

-This isn’t to take away inflation; this is about money and control. They don’t want any competition—it’s about power

-Half the world is acquiring gold at the same time, which might be problematic

-Communism failed because it didn’t have the entire world

-The reset scam will fail—the only way they could pull it off is if they could get Russia and China involved

-Three Gorges Dam and Chinese flooding—if the dam goes, much of the Chinese economy goes with it

-The climate change argument is serious because the UN is using this to promote the one government idea - climate change must be fought by a unified government

-We still have regional/cultural differences

-History repeats itself

-Miami becoming financial capital of US—what is going to happen to New York?

-People can’t be evicted; land lord can’t collect rent

-Will all private housing become government housing? This would essentially make New York a ghetto

-This system doesn’t function this way—it only would be able to do so by the communist regime

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