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Jan 18, 2022

I have Brian Leni on the show to talk about gold and silver as we kick off 2022, and prices seem to be holding up well thus far. Some of the weakness exhibited in 2021 presents a turning point that is to come, and Leni is optimistic about the precious metals this year. As inflation impacts the economy and individuals hear about rate hikes, gold becomes more sought after. We also take time to discuss cryptocurrency as a threat to precious metals, as well as the future of currency in a rapidly advancing world.

-Gold and silver prices are holding up better
-Last year, Leni thought that things we’re going to get better, but there was a lot of weakness
-In 2021, a lot of money was put into the system and had to be shaken out, which makes 2022 promising
-When the economy is bad, people tend to flock to gold
-Leni is optimistic about the precious metals in 2022 and believes they will make a comeback
-Even if the rate hikes happen, the market isn’t going to take it well; it also becomes a political situation
-On both sides of the coin, gold looks attractive as rates go up and people see signs of inflation
-Cryptocurrencies largely impact the metals market; crypto is marketed very well
-A lot of investors avoided the gold market during the pandemic
-We’re headed towards a digital/crypto world, and it is only a matter of time before paper money is gone

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