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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 22, 2022

Summary: Adam Curran comes on the show to share his investment philosophy—influenced by his upbringing and exposure to middle class life. Adam’s view of the economy is largely shaped by the people he advises; in his career he quickly learned that much of his Wall Street knowledge was useless. Rather, kitchen table financial planning taught him a lot about how everyday finances work, and what’s really important within the markets. Tune in for more information.

Highlights: -Adam grew up helping him answer his Mom’s business calls. His Dad was an engineer so he also became skilled with numbers/math -Certain communities have lost touch with the challenges and concerns that people have on main street kitchen tables -Adam started his company after having conversations with these people and learning about their struggles -Kitchen table financial planning taught him that what he learned on Wall Street was meaningless—especially for families trying to calculate their expenses -How low can the current markets go? There is a lot of capital on the sidelines that Wall Street analysts are hiding—with the perception that it’s going to go away soon
-Adam could see the market dropping another 20% -

Adam’s advice: Take a chunk of your portfolio and put it in something predictable/dependable, have a heavy emphasis on stocks that pay dividends, and don’t turn your back on the market. -There’s no asset class quite as good as income producing real estate; it’s best to sit on the sidelines and catch certain deals. It’s not about the home’s value, it’s about having a tenant in that home

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