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Jul 19, 2022

Germany has been capable of making well reasoned decisions over the years, but recent events have indicated quite the opposite. John Rubino comes on the show to talk about the chaos occurring with Germany’s lack of gas, and the lack of faith in the euro. With civil unrest and the inevitable need for the European central bank to tighten, unfortunate outcomes are in store for Germany—and the future of Europe. Listen in for more information.

-A few years back, Germany decided to cut deals with Russia for natural gas—which would make Russia a primary supplier for their natural gas
-They put a hostile military alliance right on their border, and now Russia isn’t exporting natural gas to Germany
-Germany is currently setting up warming stations
-Energy is crucial to Germany’s economy, and now they’re running a trade deficit
-The only reason the euro was a viable currency was because everyone perceived the euro to be a new version of German currency. They also thought of the other outstanding debt as being German debt
-Nothing is propping up the euro, which is why there is now chaos
-People are losing faith in the euro and Germany. The only solution would be taking back the sanctions and trying to make peace with Russia—but it’s also not in Russia’s best interest to do this
-There is a lot of civil unrest taking place
-Damage is being done to agriculture; all of the farmers in the EU are rebelling
-The European central bank has no other choice but to tighten

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