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Aug 12, 2021

Are we losing freedom as a product of health issues and government mandates? In today’s podcast, George and I tackle freedom, health, and finances to collectively consider the cost-benefit analysis of government involvement: how does this affect our overall well-being and happiness? We get into the financial consequences of some of the current world issues, in which the government’s deficit spending may reflect quantitative easing—which could result in continual inflation. Tune in today to get an interesting perspective on some of the most pressing global considerations right now, and to probe into what health and wealth mean in an era of immense change and regulation.

-Are we losing freedom? Is it the biggest casualty of the health issues we’ve seen over the years?
-We are encouraging people to think about what wealth is
-From an economic standpoint, goods and services make money count
-When you look at policies, we must ask ourselves if they produce more or fewer goods and services
-We make ourselves poorer if policies produce fewer
-Even if you have a substantial net worth, limitations on where you can go/what you can do de-value these assets.
-Freedom and health go hand in hand
-If you are a proponent of increased government involvement for the sake of safety, you must ask yourself: at what point will you believe the government has gone too far
-At a certain point, you must do a cost-benefit analysis
-there is a point where the government can take away so much of our freedom to where the costs outweigh the benefits
-Everything being done right now by governments in the name of health does not necessarily promote overall happiness and well-being.
-At what point is life not worth living? We can keep ourselves safe for the rest of our lives by separating from the outside world, but is that life worth living?
-We could see a scenario where the dollar goes up on the DXY, but that doesn’t mean that the cost of general goods will go up or down—nor will the stock market necessarily go up or down
-From a financial standpoint, people need to consider what is going to happen with government spending
-Dollars come out of economy and are re-distributed
-What has happened in 2020 and 2021? Consumer price inflation
-Is the government going to continue deficit spending?
-Quantitative easing (QE)
-Government deficit spending may resemble QE—must increase to achieve the desired effect on the economy, which puts it in a state of comatose
-General goods/necessities will increase in price
-Real estate - ideal to own at 30 year fixed rate mortgage
-CDC’s control over eviction moratoriums
-Foot in the door theory - when people accept a smaller request, they are more likely to accept a larger request later
-Foot in the door theory holds for things like COVID guidelines
-Is this circumstance simply the global elite using the foot in the door theory?

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