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Apr 23, 2021

Fury Gold Mines (sponsor) just released excellent drill results and Michael Henrichsen was excited, describing that the results could be the gamechanger they’ve been working towards. And for good reason, hole 013 yielded 59.3 Au g/t over one meter and 8.87 g/t Au over 3 meters. The high-grade results to the east of the deposit after further drilling could significantly expand the resource. The newly identified Snake Lake structure where drilling has recently been completed is extremely important to this year’s exploration program and President/CEO Mike Timmins is eagerly awaiting the assay results. As if all that wasn’t enough, there are two identified targets in the Western extension that also have the potential to vastly expand the deposit. These are exactly the type of results that have kept the team motivated and on track. They are executing the plan that was outlined here in previous discussions and it’s now on the cusp of reaping big rewards. Finally, insiders have been accumulating shares, which is always a good sign. We are happy to hold shares in the company. Company Website Ticker on NYSE American and TSX: FURY