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Aug 19, 2022

We were joined by Fury Gold Mines’ CEO Tim Clark and SVP of Exploration Bryan Atkinson for a sponsor update. News has picking up in the past month and CEO Clark assured us that more is on the way.

Dolly Varden Silver's recent strike further underpins the thinking behind Fury’s recent sale of its Homestake project DVS. Fury became a 1/3 owner of Dolly Varden and is poised to benefit greatly from future developments there.

Fury in concert with Newmont upped their respective stakes in the Éléonore joint venture, buying out their partner Azimut’s interest in the project. The Éléonore South JV is located in an area of prolific gold mineralization and is 11km to the north of Newmont’s Éléonore Mine. According to CEO Clark, “The consolidation of the property ESJV is a key transactional milestone for Fury and a positive outcome for all parties. We see a tremendous amount of exploration upside in the joint venture and are thrilled to have a great working relationship with Newmont.”

It was Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson's first time on the show. He reviewed the significance of this month’s drill results. Further drilling in the Hinge is yielding impressive results. Atkinson remarked that, “The Hinge Target is taking shape with an over 20% plus increase to the mineralized footprint of the Eau Claire deposit… As we have started to gain a better understanding of the geometry of the Hinge Target and narrow in on the sweet spot of gold mineralization, we are planning continued aggressive drilling.”

Multiple zones of high grade and broad widths of moderate grade, intercepts included: 3.50m of 4.79 g/t gold, 1.00m of 14.19 g/t gold, 3.50m of 5.86 g/t gold, 1.00m of 20.6 g/t gold and 17.50m of 1.29 g/t Au. This year's drilling is about 2/3 complete. Assay labs remain backed up, but more results are due in shortly.

CEO Clark is rightfully pleased with Fury’s accomplishments during the past year. With C$10 million in the treasury, there's no need to raise capital at current share prices. He’s convinced that a massive metals bull market is rapidly approaching and is quite satisfied with Fury’s vantage point and its unique position to capitalize upon it. Seasonality favors a run-up in the sector, come Q4 ’22 and Q1 ’23 and Fury is a likely beneficiary, which is why we’re holding our position.

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Ticker Symbol TSX and NYSE: FURY