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Sep 25, 2020

Fury Gold Mines plans to commence by early November over 80,000 metres of drilling at its three high-grade gold projects.  Fury will be fully-funded with over C$20M in the treasury and trade under the ticker FURY on the NYSE and TSX.  Fury Gold Mines will be the resultant company of Auryn Resources’ acquisition of Eastmain Resources and will hold three Canadian gold projects: Eau Claire, Committee Bay and Homestake Ridge.  The scheduled close for the transaction and launching of Fury is October 9th.  Auryn and Eastmain shareholders can vote by proxy by October 1st and the virtual arrangement vote is October 5th.  In this interview, Auryn Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek, Fury CEO Mike Timmins and Eastmain CEO Blair Schultz discuss the closing of this transaction as well as the vision and growth plans for Fury Gold Mines.

00:00 Introduction

1:21 Ivan Bebek on recent C$23M financing

3:10 Blair Schultz on why Eastmain did this deal with Auryn

4:44 Mike Timmins on Fury Gold Mines’ vision

7:19 Mike’s vision for the Committee Bay project

10:12 Mike’s vision for the Homestake Ridge project

11:33 When to expect Fury to acquire more projects

12:33 Ivan on Committee Bay’s untapped potential

14:17 Ivan on Fury Gold Mines’ potential

17:21 Concluding remarks