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Aug 6, 2021

I was joined by Fury Gold Mines’ Chair Ivan Bebek and CEO Mike Timmins for the latest sponsor update. The news has been coming out at a fast and “Fury-ous” pace (pardon the pun) and as expected yet more high-grade gold has been found. In the latest results, three drill holes focused on the untested Hinge target had significant intercepts - including 1 meter of 12.81 g/t gold…showing that Hinge has high-grade veins as well as broader mineralization zones.

Results like these demonstrate that Fury is the perfect case for why one should invest in the junior mining sector. Many times the market appears indifferent to highly positive results, but when the news really starts flowing, it catches on and great shareholder returns routinely follow. As Ivan said, “Patience …will always pay off.” The company now has 4 drills turning and while the assay labs have been slow to furnish results, things should pick up shortly. Website: - Ticker Symbol - TSX/NYSE: FURY