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Sep 28, 2021

I sat down with Fury Gold Mines' Chair Ivan Bebek and new President/CEO Tim Clark for a sponsor update. Bebek heartily agrees with Rick Rule's prediction that 2022 will definitely be the year of the explorer. If they're right, then it could also be the year to be a Fury investor.

Clark explains that he was extremely fortunate to join and lead Fury's exemplary team; all it needed was a refocus on drilling. He has 23+ years of experience working on the finance side of the sector. Since joining, he has cut costs significantly to ensure that drilling dollars go even further. The team is driven to make a major discovery and thereby unlock Fury's value. 

A recent CAD $5 million private placement leaves the company in an excellent position to build upon already impressive drill results. Clark's extensive contacts with large institutional investors will help keep the money spigot open and flowing.  

Assay lab delays are still prevalent across the industry, and the company has a huge quantity of samples waiting to be evaluated. Eventually the backlog will ease and then the market will understand the success of the drill program. 

Bebek believes that the recently announced Angico Eagle-Kirkland merger is a sea change for the juniors. He points out that other large mergers in the past have set off similar cycles. This could be the spark that ignites a major round of merger and acquisition activity--and that could be very good news for Fury's shareholders.  (We own shares)

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