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Aug 5, 2023

We sat down for a sponsor update from Fury Gold Mines’ (FURY 🇨🇦: FURY 🇺🇸) CEO Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson ( FURY). Drill results are in for the first 3 holes for 2023. Multiple zones of high-grade gold were intercepted at the Hinge Target. Gold mineralization was present in each drill hole including 5.0 meters of 3.6 g/t Au, 6.5m of 2.66 g/t Au, 6.0m of 2.77 g/t Au and 1.0m of 10.35 g/t Au. Atkinson says things are going exactly to plan with good continuity and results.

CEO Clark explains that a revised resource estimate is expected later in the year. His hope is for 2 million ounces. With drills continuing to turn on Hinge and Percival, this is not too far a stretch. While the Quebec wildfires delayed drilling for four weeks, the crews have returned with renewed vigor and they’re making up for lost time. The good news is that assay labs are back in full operation and have been rapidly returning results.

Fury started the year with an impressive C$12 million in the treasury and expects to finish with C$6 million. In addition, they are still a 25% holder of Dolly Varden Silver shares so adequate funds will be available beyond 2023.

Fury has also taken on a new chair – Brian Christie, who reigned for a decade as Investor Relations dynamo at Agnico Eagle. This will facilitate the company’s efforts to broaden its investor appeal, which is one of the many reasons we are staying invested.

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