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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 26, 2023

Kerry and guest Charles Lubar discussed Lubar's journey from working for the IRS to representing celebrities and moving to Kenya to start a business. Lubar shared his fascination with music and his involvement with the 4th and 5th generations of Yo Hung Nepo M kmo. He also talked about his decision to leave the IRS and move to Kenya with his wife and daughter, the challenges they faced in building houses and getting into small-scale manufacturing, and the partner's sudden death that led to the government distributing the assets to miscellaneous African creditors. Despite the difficulties, Lubar believes that taking risks and experiencing new things made his journey exciting and worthwhile.

The conversation also touched on Lubar's work with foreign entertainers in London, his involvement with Michael Jackson's concert in the UK, and how he helped Michael Jackson acquire the Beatles catalog and other catalogs with pretax money. Lubar explained the technical details of the transaction and how it worked better for Michael than it would have for Paul McCartney. Additionally, he discussed the foreign side of creating partnership structures that worked better than corporate structures for Americans doing business outside the United States. The meeting also highlighted CGL's expertise in handling unique situations and their dedication to helping their clients.