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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 15, 2022

In consideration of the markets getting slaughtered, where is the best place to put your money? Toni Patillo comes on the show to talk about the real estate market, as the primary constant in today’s economy is real property. In order to be successful in real estate, however, it’s crucial to understand where you’re investing, and where this particular area within the market is headed. Tune in for more insight.

-There is a discrepancy about where true wealth comes from; is there a way to reconcile the two sides?
=There are always fluctuations in the market, and the one constant is real property
-In light of the record gains we’ve seen in real estate prices over the last three years, there have been unsustainable high prices and increasing rents/mortgages. The real estate sector is bound for carnage
-If you’re just getting into real estate investing, do you stay the course?
-Many people are waiting for prices to come down, but it doesn’t look like this will happen any time soon
-It’s all about location, or where you’re investing, and how much equity you have in the property
-It’s a tough market to flip a house
-Labor and materials can have a huge impact on your bottom line
-For those who want to get into real estate, the objective is long term gain

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