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Nov 11, 2022

We sat down for a sponsor update with FPX Nickel’s CEO Martin Turenne. Interest in FPX has increased greatly as major nickel customers line up to secure future deliveries. In addition, FPX built a pilot production plant to prove the efficacy of its nickel sulfate refining process and its ability to produce high-grade metal, without the need for smelting. Results from the first 18 tons of material are expected before year end (or early January) and Martin says the metallurgical results are huge and could be just the catalyst FPX needs for a revaluation of its shares.

Nickel has been hot. A March short squeeze sent it soaring and it has since come back down to earth, but it was still trading at a healthy $11 per pound the day we spoke. That’s a level Martin is very comfortable with.

He’s extremely bullish and for good reason. The recently passed US Inflation Reduction Act has many benefits for the battery metal sector and FPX in particular. The Act provides a $7500 tax credit to EV purchasers, provided that the batteries contained therein were produced in the US with materials from the US, Canada and Australia. This has led to a surge of companies seeking to build battery factories in the US.

Additionally, the Act provides $750 million to junior companies to help them perform the requisite studies and compliance requirements needed to fast-track their production. This is a tremendous boost to smaller companies seeking ever more scarce capital.

Step-out drilling continues at the Van Deposit. Results will be forthcoming shortly. An updated mineral resource estimate is on the way for the Baptiste Deposit. Therefore, all the steps are in place for FPX to advance its projects and ultimately realize its true value.

Company website:

Ticker symbols: OTC: FPOCF — TSX-V: FPX