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Jul 30, 2022

We were joined by FPX Nickel’s CEO Martin Turenne for a much awaited sponsor update. A major paradigm shift has taken place in the battery metal space. Automakers around the globe have been in a state of near panic, racing to line up reliable and “friendly” sources of copper, lithium, nickel and other metals required to produce electric vehicles. As Martin said, “... talking about the global supply chain, the demand of auto makers, now we've seen a race. … All of these companies are snapping up or attempting to snap up supplies of crucial metals, because … if they don't get these metals it's game over, [due to] the shift to EVs.” If they don’t secure supplies, they won’t survive.

March 2022 witnessed a major nickel short-squeeze took place, with prices jumping 5-fold in just 48 hours. Now it has settled back into the $9-10 per pound level, a level at which FPX will see high profits and substantial cash-flow. However, Martin believes that nickel prices will continue to increase, as there is just not enough supply to satisfy the burgeoning EV demand.

FPX is uniquely situated to profit from these trends. Its Baptiste and Van projects are some of the largest undeveloped sources of nickel on the planet. Due to their composition, these deposits are environmentally friendly, thus they’re able to forgo the costly/polluting smelting process.

Martin hinted that outside interest in the company’s projects is high and he will provide more information at the appropriate time. But one thing is for certain, nickel is essential to global adoption of EV’s and its future demand insures higher prices and the need to increase production at rates far higher than today’s levels.

This leaves FPX Nickel in an extremely advantageous position with the likelihood of extraordinary returns to shareholders.

Company website:

Ticker symbols: OTC: FPOCF — TSX-V: FPX