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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jan 10, 2020

President Trump did the unthinkable, he terminated General Soleimani with extreme prejudice. Our view is good riddance. The late General was a terroristic homicidal maniac with a thirst for blood. While it's very easy to fall for the moral equivalency trap, his elimination was removal of a blight on humanity. There are rules of war which the United States has routinely violated, no doubt. Wars have been fought under very specious grounds that have resulted in mass casualties. However, to our knowledge, our generals have not eliminated thousands of potential domestic adversaries or engaged in heinous civilian attacks that have no military purpose, other than to instill terror among civilians. In short, even a guilty criminal can commit acts of justifiable homicide, of which this was surely one. While the world might not be a better place for the General's passing, it surely is not a worse place either.