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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 13, 2022

At FSN, we’re always looking for new, safe ways to invest. I sit down and chat with Evan Bleker—founder of Net Net Hunter—to discuss net-nets and how you can profit from them. In this scenario, long term assets are stripped out, and you hone in on the current assets. A net-net is when the market cap is less than the resulting figure. Tune in for more information on what to look for when engaging in this investing opportunity.

-Net-nets can make you a boatload of money if you hit the right one
-Long term assets are stripped out, and you focus on the current assets. It the market cap is less than the resulting figure, this is called a net-net
-Most are micro-cap and nano-cap companies; 40/50 are very good companies to follow up with and do research on
-An investment is one where you can project your earnings and dividends; most other things are a speculation
-If you’re entering a situation where inflation is taking off, it’s important to have stable, fixed assets
-It’s important to dig past standardized data to gauge whether you have an opportunity or not

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