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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 29, 2024

Kerry Lutz and Steve Goreham discussed the impact of ESG initiatives on business profitability. They analyzed the withdrawal of big investment banks from climate change pledges, the underperformance of renewable energy stocks, and the financial pressure on oil companies. They also explored the legal challenges faced by oil companies and the advocacy for a carbon tax by the American Petroleum Institute.

The conversation then shifted to the global water crisis, highlighting the widespread lack of access to clean tap water in various countries. They expressed the urgency of addressing water purification issues and criticized the misallocation of resources towards climate change initiatives instead of focusing on more immediate problems. The conversation also touched on the potential impact of misguided goals and the promotion of bug-based diets as solutions to climate change, ultimately emphasizing the need for a more practical and effective approach to addressing global challenges.

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