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Feb 21, 2022

Gold is getting close to the crucial 1900 range, and will probably break it shortly. Silver and the mining stocks are lagging—what does all of this mean for the markets? I have Michael Moor on the show today to recap previous predictions in the markets, and discuss what has played out since then. Moor expects to see a bearish correction with Bitcoin against the move up, as well as a bearish correction with Crude & Products. Moor gives lots of insight regarding what’s to come across the markets, so be sure to tune in.

-If the market gets damaged below the 1830 area, it could start collapsing again
-Usually, the markets are on top of it when there are indications of war
-Moor expects to see a lot more to the upside with crude oil
-There have been exponential price increases with coal as well as record consumption
-If there’s no global shutdown, all energy is a good bet
-With Bitcoin, we were in a bearish correction against a bullish trend. We might see a lower timeframe bearish correction against the move up, but it will probably head higher
-Ultimately, Gold and Crude & Products look the best; we will probably see a bearish correction with Crude & Products

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