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Oct 12, 2022

Job numbers appear to be strong; are they a lagging indicator or a leading indicator? Edward Siddell, CEO of EGSI Financial, comes on the show to warn us of the recession we are in. Rather than moving towards recovery, we are approaching a tough year; we will probably see one more rate raise in March of 2023, and other subsequent shifts. Tune in for more information on what’s to come.

-Edward’s firm is at the forefront of retirement planning
-Rather than approaching recovery, Edward says we are in a recession
-2023 is going to be a tough year—we’ll probably see one more raise in March
-No one wants to take the risk calling Powell’s bluff
-The worse the economy gets, the faster the pivot downward is going to go
-We’re not going to see changes until the dollar weakens
-Is this recession going to be similar to or different from all the others? Time will tell
-Be cautiously optimistic
-We’re seeing a raise to liquidity
- The Fed doesn’t have much other choice than to print money

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