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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 5, 2017

Ed Karr, is president, CEO and Chairman of US Gold. A new FSN sponsor, he's extremely bullish about the price of gold and the company's ability to leverage its three projects to capitalize on it. Ed's been in mining for decades and believes that the current policies being followed by governments around the world will have two definite results, currency debasement and higher precious metals prices. The company has two projects, Keystone and Gold Bar in Nevada's Famed Cortez Gold Trend. Infrastructure here is first class and all indications are that these could be extremely productive and profitable. In addition, there's the Copper King project in Wyoming. A PEA has already been done and Ed is planning to advance the project through a Pre-Feasibility Study and permitting strategy, and then continue to expand upon the current 1.5 million ounce gold equivalent resource. If things keeps going right for US Gold, there's a very bright future ahead. The stock is traded on the NASDAQ and the catchy symbol is USAU.