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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 14, 2021

Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—but hopefully the US Dollar is forever…right? I sit down with Joseph Salerno to discuss some of the implications of federal spending—which has increased exponentially. It is ultimately essential that we take taxes off minor things in (gold, silver, bitcoin, etc.) just in case the Dollar does crash. Tune in to hear more insight about what’s to come with rates, inflation, and our currency.

-Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—hopefully the US dollar is forever, but we cannot be sure
-Federal spending is out of control—just in the last year, the fed has added $2.5 trillion dollars to the money supply
-This money doesn’t just drive up prices. It enters the economy and goes through Wall Street
-Interest rates are being pushed very low which allows the federal banks to run deficits
-Every time the alarms go off, we step back and don’t resist the tremendous increase in spending
-We need a competitive currency we can use in case the dollar collapses
-We need to take taxes off minor things (gold, silver, bitcoin)
-Congress debates are a rush for power, and economic issues have taken a backseat
-We’re in the midst of national emergency, so economics take a backseat
-The huge spending is hollowing out our economy, making it less productive in the future
-The government has shut down large parts of the production structure, and we are still seeing the effects of this
-If the fed raises interest rates in a serious way, we are going to have a collapse
-We have to stop increasing the money supply and bring spending down as much as possible
-The people who have been saving will benefit from this collapse, or the move back to more realistic pricing
-In this situation, you don’t know what’s happening until it’s too late

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