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May 7, 2012 presents:

Dudley Baker of and joined us for another look at the recently decimated precious metals mining sector. While markets like we've had lately may try men's souls, he's confident sooner rather than later, this value and other economic factors will result in a swarm of investors gobbling up these shares. Insider buying, a crucial indicator for Dudley's model, has been trending up in a number of miners, and this is probably good news for investors.

Dudley gets up-to-the-minute updates on insiders purchases and sales and presents them regularly in his database, along with stocks that have Canadian warrants. This information is often difficult to come by, especially for Canadian mining companies, which is why Dudley's service has become so popular in recent years. I've even used it myself to make some oversized gains. Dudley looks at insider holding statistics because he never wants to own more of a company than the top management does--probably a wise move in these juniors. 

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