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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 23, 2020


(1) During COVID, Watch Out for Counterfeit Drugs

(2) US Must Decrease Dependency On Geopolitical Rivals For Critical Medical Supplies

(3) US needs access to COVID medications not made by our enemies 

(4) Need to maintain security in the supply chain for Critical Technologies


Setting prices of critical technologies such as medications and diagnostic products to prices in other countries is flawed:

(1) These are Completely different consumer price indexes

(2) Medical product companies outside of US are frequently supported or owned by a foreign government

(3) Quality and regulatory standards in many countries are not adequate or at US standards, Inferior products are not what American’s deserve

(4) Price Indexing and Government pricing boards have been a disaster in many countries such as Germany hurting access, quality and reliability of supply chain

(5) US has seen such impacts on some product areas such as antibiotics because of Third Party Payer policies.

BIO: Spanning a 40+ year career as a practicing clinical pharmacist, he is an advocate for better health services and resources to enhance the health of boys and men. He has held faculty appointments at both Columbia University and Belmont University and has authored over seventy peer reviewed and general media articles in healthcare and health policy.