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Apr 8, 2022

A lot is happening in the economy right now; we’re looking at petrodollar concerns, US dollar concerns, increasing interest rates, and a multitude of other variables that are affecting the markets. I have Eric Hadik on the show to discuss some of the current trends, and he notes various cycles—especially within the dollar and stocks—that have alluded to what is happening at the moment. We talk about the future of commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrency, and more, so be sure to tune in and get the latest updates.

-There are petrodollar concerns, US dollar concerns, interest rates, etc.
-What do we make of these markets?
-There has been a three year cycle with the dollar that has persisted for years
-There are also long term war cycles to account for—which came right on schedule and helped support the dollar
-The dollar is down, but certainly not out yet; it’s in the upper end of its trading range and has maintained some resilience
-Interest rates have been spiking higher recently, and mortgage rates are over 5%
-We’re likely to see a few months of consolidation
-Everything that’s happened over the last month and the Fed talk has been at such an extreme
-The markets anticipate things in advance, and they’ve been anticipating an extreme
-Commodities will probably see their final extreme in September of 2022
-A few other indexes have the chance to rally higher
-Stocks have adhered to a 2 year pattern where turning points are similar
-We’ve definitely seen a multi-month peak for oil
-We’re in for some volatile consolidation in the wheat market
-Hadik is looking for the possibility of gold setting a higher high in the next few weeks; a few indicators show that it could rally
-Bitcoin has been in a 2-3 month recovery/up-trend
-Bitcoin has adhered to intermediate cycles, which indicates that it is a developing market

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