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Aug 23, 2021

If your business operates on a web platform, it is crucial to possess a thorough understanding and appreciation of cybersecurity; this is a practice that can either make or break your business. Today I speak with bestselling author Robert Siciliano about the precautions one can take to evade cyberattacks and identity theft, which are incredibly common in the digital realm of business. Proper cybersecurity and a knowledge of how to deal with attacks/attempted attacks can save you and your business a load of trouble in the long run. Tune in to find out more.

-It is important to know what precautions to take to avoid identity theft
-Bestselling author Robert Siciliano tells us that ransomware is an epidemic: it affects healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
-Businesses are paying millions of dollars in ransom
-The bad guys have gotten very skilled in what they do, especially in terms of organization. They function as legitimate businesses. Team members are able to get access to usernames and passwords, and get people to click links so that they can operate from the inside
-They gain access to the insides of networks and then stop these networks from functioning
-Insurance companies end up paying for this ransom
-Everyone needs proper security awareness/appreciation training
-Cybersecurity insurance is the fastest growing sector of insurance
-Any computer with valuable data should have at least two backups

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