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Jun 1, 2020

Brian Boyd is a 30-plus year professional intelligence analyst and counter terrorism specialist. He is a former Green Beret, and was part of the leadership of the Joint Special Operations Command which oversees the Special Forces, Seal Team 6 and the Delta Force. He also served in the Departments of Defense, Justice & Treasury and regularly appears on radio and TV discussing intelligence matters.

Senator Rand Paul is calling for an investigation into the handling of the Michael Flynn case and to what extent then President Obama and Vice President Biden were involved. Rand claims Biden was briefed on the investigation of Flynn's interaction before President Trump took office. 

"I certainly think there is more here than meets the eye," says Intelligence & Counter Terrorism expert and former Green Beret Brian Boyd (see short bio below). "I see this as a serious abuse of power. It's the kind of intrigue that I saw when I was involved in the intelligence community."

President Trump has framed the investigation as an ongoing attempt to undermine his presidency. And with former Vice President Joe Biden's as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president Trump is hoping to make this an issue of Biden's alleged involvement heading into the presidential election. 

To further complicate matters Attorney General William Barr this week issued an apparent rebuke of President Trump’s efforts and vague accusations of misconduct by former Obama administration officials all while lamenting Trump’s treatment by federal law enforcement officers during the wide-ranging Russia probe.

So who is right?