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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 1, 2021

Are you wondering where gold and silver prices are headed? In this episode I speak with David Erfle, who has been spot on about prices for a long time. In our conversation we break down some of the underlying factors that have affected prices—specifically corrections and the imminent quarter close. We also discuss inflation, which has played a large role in some of these fluctuations. Tune in to hear more from myself and Erfle, and get the full picture of what’s happening with the metals market.

-Where are gold and silver prices headed?
-David Erfle has been spot on about prices for a long time
-Perception is the buzz word with precious metals
-There could be a bounce before the quarter close—it’s over-sold on the short term
-Premiums have come down a bit, but in light of the last decline, they will probably shoot back up
-The stock market is due for a correction
-Gold stocks have gone from being hated, to investors being apathetic
-In instances like this, you want to still be leveraged with stocks and still have a large cash position
-The catalyst to push gold prices higher could be an official taper announcement at the next Fed meeting
-Gold price will get hit more with a mediocre NFP
-Everything is going up in price—commodities, natgas, etc.
-Real inflation is here to stay
-We are trying to solve a sovereign debt crisis with more debt
-Insurance is on sale; the insurance is gold

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