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Jan 24, 2022

We have interesting times ahead, and Darryl Schoon comes on the show to talk about this. Schoon saw the economic downfall coming when he wrote extensively on it back in 2007, and he discusses some of the outcomes that have come into play. Money is not what we initially thought it to be as we find ourselves in a credit-debt incident. Ultimately, change is inevitable, and it looks as if the economic situation is embarking on a downward spiral.

-In March 2007, Schoon wrote on surviving economic crises before the bottom of Wall Street fell out
-Essentially, he predicted the downfall of the economy
-Money turned out not to be what it was formerly thought of as—once the Federal Reserve got ahold of money, it became a credit-debt incident
-The bankruptcy of the United States will trigger the bankruptcy of the rest of the world Once you sweep away the separate sovereignties of this planet, humanity will be able to succeed
-They’re going to raise interest rates again because they have to
-The context that we’re seeing this year is bigger than us
-It is becoming more evident that the current system is unsustainable

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