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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 22, 2021

The economy is in a major decline, and today we have Darryl Schoon on the podcast to talk about some of the root causes of this phenomenon. Schoon walks us through different times in history that shed light on some of the underlying issues of inflation, and how this translates in the modern era. The inflationary bubble that we are in at the moment will eventually lead to a deflationary bust, and it is only a matter of time before we see some of the effects of this.

-The economy is crumbling—Evergrande is reminiscent of the 30s
-The economic tides and sands are shifting, and it’s going to take a lot to save it
-People know something is wrong, but they feel like it is beyond their capacity to do anything
-You don’t need to understand money, credit, or debt to be in harm’s way—you’ll be in it anyways
-There was historically a lot of silver circulating on the open market in the west, which was traded with China for porcelain, silver, and tea
-People called paper money ‘flying money’ because of how fast it came and went
-There is always an arbitrage somewhere
-When you’re so right for so long, it’s hard to tell when you’re wrong
-Gold used to be a religion for China—paper money leveraged debt and real estate
-Inflationary bubble will lead to a deflationary bust

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