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Aug 31, 2021


To grasp the the current circumstances in China, we have Daniel Joseph on the podcast today—an individual that has previously lived in China for quite some time—to update us on the socioeconomic situation. As a nation, China seems to be deviating from some of the tactics that made them so successful historically—such as being able to access specific resources and utilizing these freedoms. Tune in to hear about why China has failed to reign as a world power, and some of the current happenings contributing to their limitations as a country.



-When it comes to China, Daniel Joseph can give accurate depictions on what is happening

-In many parts of China, building infrastructure isn’t quite as stable. Therefore, disasters considered rare in the US are more common over there

-Sometimes a picture is painted such that China is invincible, which is not the case

-It also seems as if China aims to be a tier two country at times, and doesn’t necessarily want to be the best

-Moving away from the free market and rolling back political freedoms—deviating from things that make them successful

-China has been issuing new regulations on the tech industry

-Outlawed private tutoring—they are moving away from practices that got them to where they are now

-Trust in China is taking a big hit; they have not been transparent or participating in the dialogue around major health problems

-The Three Gorges Dam is having a worse rainy season than last year. China continues to have flooding/infrastructure issues that aren’t going to cease overnight, even if they take the necessary steps to stop them

-What we see with China is the expert class failing globally

-China will be worse off now that we are out of Afghanistan

-It often takes financial incentive to get individuals to comply with a regulation

-Middle class poses problems for communism

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