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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jul 2, 2014

Meet Cyrus G. a 21 year old gold skeptic. He believes that the stock market, while high, is fairly priced and going higher. We don't disagree. Our only contention is that the world is a very complex and dangerous place and that government often gets it wrong. The Federal Reserve and its brillian central bankers always get it wrong, blowing bubbles through loose monetary policy, only to see things blow and people get hurt as a result. Witness 1929 and 2008-9 and countless recessions in between. Cyrus believes that gold and silver will decline within the next three years and who knows, he maybe right. But if he's wrong and there's a black swan event, would you rather be holding soon to be worthless stocks or 10-15 percent of your net worth in precious metals? We'll leave the decision to you.